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      Deokjung Lee
      Associate professor
      Tel: +82-52-217-2940
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Nuclear Reactor Physics; Reactor Core Design Analysis, and Methodology Development
Curriculum Vitae
2016~Present: Associate Professor, UNIST
2011~2015: Assistant Professor, UNIST
2009~2011: R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2005~2009: Senior Nuclear Engineer, Studsvik Scandpower Inc.,
1995~2000: Technical Staff, Korea Electric Power Research Institute
2003: Ph. D. Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University
1995: M. S. Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University
1993: B. S. Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University
M&C 2017 Organization Committee
PHYSOR 2016 Organization Committee
Member, Joint Benchmark Committee of Mathematics and Computation, Reactor Physics, and Radiation & Shielding, American Nuclear Society, 2010~2012
Member, Reactor Physics Division Program Committee, American Nuclear Society, 2008~2011
Organization Committee for PHYSOR 2012 (Technical Program Co-chair)
Organization Committee for PHYSOR 2004 (Publication Committee)
The best paper award at ANS winter meeting, Washington, D.C., Nov. 2004
Research Interests
  1. Nuclear Reactor Physics
    • Initial / Relaod Reactor Core Design
    • Steady State and Transient Core Analysis
    • Resonance Treatment
    • On-the-fly Doppler Broadening
    • Safety Parameter Evaluations
    • Neutron Cross Section Measurements
    • Neutron Scattering Experiments
  2. Numerical Methods for Neutron Transport and Diffusion Analysis
    • Monte Carlo Methods
    • Method of Characteristics
    • Unified Nodal Method
    • Acceleration Techniques
  3. Advanced Reactor Designs
    • Light Water Reactors
    • Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors
    • Molten Salt Reactors
    • Small Modular Reactors
    • High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors
  4. High Performance Computing
    • Parallel Computing by MPI and OpenMP
    • Supercomputing
  5. Lattice Physics Code Development
    • Monte Carlo Code
    • Deterministic Transport Analysis Code
    • Nodal Diffuion Transient Code
    • Operation Support Packages
  6. Reactor Core Simulator
    • Wester Services Company NPP simulator
    • NEL macro-/micro- NPP simulator
    • IAEA/KAERI NPP simulator
    • Load Follow Opertion Simulator
Ongoing Research Topics
  1. Ultra-long Cycle Fast Reactor Design
  2. Numerical Method Development for Monte-Carlo method and Method of Characteristics
  3. Load Follow Operation based on Smart Grid
  4. Human Resource Development for Next Generation Nuclear Engineers