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B. Research Interests

UNIST CORE (COmputational Reactor physics and Experiment laboratory) focuses on nuclear reactor physics. Nuclear reactor physics is based on neutron transport theory and neutron reactor physics.  Nuclear reactor physics is based on neutron transport theory and neutron diffusion theory.  This study fields are neutron behavior which are collision with medium, scattering, absorption, nuclear fission, chain reaction, energy distribution prediction and control. It manages knowledge to need reactor core design, analysis and operation, which are criticality, reactivity control, neutron moderation, neutron transport theory, neutron diffusion theory, dynamics, and reactivity feedback.
유니스트 원자로물리연구실은 원자로물리에 대하여 연구하고 있습니다. 원자로물리란 중성자 수송이론 및 확산이론을 기초로 원자로 내에서 중성자의 거동 즉, 매질과 충돌, 산란, 흡수, 핵분열 및 연쇄 반응 등을 연구하고, 중성자의 시공간 및 에너지 분포를 예측 및 제어하는 방법을 연구하는 공학의 한 분야입니다. 임계, 반응도 제어, 중성자 감속, 중성자 확산이론, 중성자 수송이론, 동특성, 반응도 궤환 등 원자로 설계, 해석 및 운전에 필요한 지식을 다룹니다.
1. Nuclear Reactor Physics
       - Initial / Reload Reactor Core Design
       - Steady State and Transient Core Analysis
       - Resonance Treatment
       - On-the-fly Doppler Broadening
       - Safety Parameter Evaluations
       - Neutron Cross Section Measurements
       - Neutron Scattering Experiments

2. Numerical Methods for Neutron Transport and Diffusion Analysis
       - Monte Carlo Methods
       - Method of Characteristics
       - Unified Nodal Method
       - Acceleration Techniques
       - MCS BEAVRS Solutions

3. Advanced Reactor Designs and Analysis
       - Light Water Reactors
       - Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors
       - Molten Salt Reactors
       - Small Modular Reactors
       - High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors

4. High Performance Computing
       - Parallel Computing by MPI and OpenMP
       - Supercomputing

5. Lattice Physics Code Development
       - Monte Carlo Code
       - Deterministic Transport Analysis Code
       - Nodal Diffusion Transient Code
       - Operation Support Packages

6. Reactor Core Simulator
       - Wester Services Company NPP simulator
       - NEL macro-/micro- NPP simulator
       - IAEA/KAERI NPP simulator
       - Load Follow Opertion Simulator

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