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Project StartProject EndName
2019.04 2024.12 Development of World-Leading Full-Core Transport Numerical Reactor for Nuclear Design of Commercial Nuclear Power Plant 
2020.05 2023.04 Localization of In-core Nuclear Instrument Signal Measurement System with High Performance and Prompt Response Instrumentation based Technology Development 
2019.04 2022.12  Development of Key Technologies for Conceptual Design of Non-refueling Full-life Micro Reactor for Marine Applications 
2018.04 2022.12 IAEA CRP on “Neutronics Benchmark of CEFR Start-Up Tests” 
2017.12 2022.11 Development of operation supporting technology based on artificial intelligence for nuclear power plant start up and shutdown operation 
2019.03 2022.02 Development of high-performance 3D multiphysics computer code for reactor transient analysis 
2020.01 2021.12 Development of accident tolerance fuel utilization technology of integrated analysis platform 
2017.04 2021.12 Development of Lead-cooled Fast Reactor Technology 
2019.09 2021.08 Development of multi-physical safety analysis data compression code using PCA 
2019.06 2021.05 Development of AI Based Reactor Core Diagnostics System 
2020.08 2021.04 Evaluation of the rod-base core fuel characteristics for the high precision FFRD model 
2019.03 2021.02 Development of Multicycle Optimal Core Design Technology based on Simulation Annealing Method  
2017.06 2020.05 Development of High-Fidelity Multi-physics Computer Code Using Monte Carlo Method for PWR Analysis 
2015.01 2020.02 Development of Advanced Super-Critical Water-cooled Reactor and the Dedicated High Performance Computer System 
2018.02 2020.01 Establishment of a virtual-universial simulation platform for NPP systems 
2018.06 2019.12 Optimization Evaluation System Development for High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation/Storage Casks 
2018.07 2019.12 Safety evaluation system development for high burnup spent nuclear fuel Transportation/Storage casks 
2018.09 2019.12 크러드 침적 저감 피복관 및 미소셀 소결체 핵연료의 노심 핵적 특성 분석 
2016.11 2019.10 Development of High Performance Three-Dimensional Neutron Transport Analysis Code 
2017.04 2019.09 Development and Coupling of Dynamic Reactor Core Nodal Computational Code and Nuclear Fuel Performance Analysis Code 
2018.05 2018.12 Assesment of Neutron Transport Methodology for Fast Reactor Application 
2015.09 2018.08 Development of Monitoring Equipment for Boron Concentration in Reactor Coolant 
2014.03 2018.04 Development of Neutron Transport and Kinetics Codes for Boron Free SMR 
2017.02 2018.01 Generation and Verification of Multi-group Cross Section Library of Lattice Physics Code for High Temperature  
2017.05 2017.12 Development and Analysis of Experimental Model for the Verification of Prototype Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor  
2014.12 2017.11 Depletion Benchmark Development for High-Fidelity Reactor Analysis 
2014.06 2017.05 Development of High Performance Monte Carlo Computer System for Light Water Reactor Whole Core Analysis 
2013.12 2016.11 Development of Advanced Long Life Small Modular Fast Reactor 
2014.12 2016.11 Development of Big Data Based Demonstration Platform to Improve the Safety of NPP 
2015.03 2016.02 Development of Resonance Treatment Method for VHTR Fuel 
2012.06 2015.05 Accuracy Enhancement of Neutron Transport Analysis by Improving Energy Resonance Self-Shielding Methods 
2014.06 2015.05  IAEA ADSR benchmark : kyoto university critical assembly - type A 
2013.06 2015.05 Accuracy Enhancement of Neutron Transport Alaysis by Improving Energy Resonance Self-Shielding Methods 
2012.11 2015.04  Establishment of Technology Supporting Foundations for Global Capability Enhancement of BOP in Nuclear Power Plants 
2013.06 2014.05 Future Nuclear Human Resource Development by Attending Advanced Nuclear Summer Schools 
2011.06 2014.05  Smart-grid based nuclear load-following operation technology 
2011.05 2014.04 Development of Advanced Reactor Core Analysis Code Employing Fusion Technique of Probabilistic Method and Deterministic Method 
2012.04 2014.03  Development of Ultra-long-life Core Fast Reactor (UCFR) Concept and Key Technology 
2013.03 2014.02 Basic research for Th cycle MSR development 
2012.07 2013.05 Summer School MeV, MIT NPS 
2012.04 2013.05 Premium Power Plant Design Requirements and Safety Research 
2012.06 2013.02 Feasibility Study of Daily Load Follow Operation for OPR1000 
2011.07 2012.07 Summer School MeV, FJOH 
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